Do you have major concerns about your son’s motivation, drive, or confidence for the future?


Do you fear that his current relationships, choices, and environment are putting him on the wrong path?

Making wise

Are your teen’s actions resulting in disciplinary troubles at school or with law enforcement?


New Hope Christian Academy is a residential discipleship and academic program
for adolescent boys (ages 12-17).

NHCA assists teens and their families who are struggling with
addiction, emotional, social, behavioral, or spiritual struggles.

overview of 5 phases

    Phase 1:

    Students develop skills and maturity needed to follow rules of the program, take responsibility for actions, and accept consequences.

  • Teamwork
    Phase 2:

    Students continue growing in personal responsibility while learning to work well with others, earn trust, and more freedom.

  • Leadership Training
    Phase 3:

    Students demonstrate ability to function with less supervision and are given leadership opportunities on the campus.

  • Leadership
    Phase 4:

    Students must express a desire through words and actions to become a positive leader and influencer amongst peers. Students have a great level of freedom on campus with added responsibilities and expectations.

  • Transitional Services
    Phase 5:

    The Transitional Services Coordinator assists students and their families by creating a quality re-entry plan including: academic placements, mentorships, jobs, and a safe-living environment.

  • Transitional Services

    Students leave the campus to pursue this re-entry plan while still remaining under the care of the program. Weekly contracts are turned in and random drug screenings are performed. Once a student has completed six months successfully, he returns to the campus for a graduation service and celebration.

Services Offered

  • Fully Accredited Online School
  • Personal/Group Discipleship Classes & Mentoring
  • Sports and Recreation Therapy
  • Missions Trips
  • Weekly Chapel Services and Daily Bible Teachings
  • Family Support and Involvement
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Volunteerism and Work skills

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